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Trips Calendar.

This is a list of trips that are running at the moment and the number of people who are already booked on these trips. To book a place, scroll down to the appropriate trip and click the Download booking & info. button, to download a booking form. Then click the Book now button and pay a deposit to confirm your booking.

The deposit can be paid online through PayPal, by clicking the Book Now Button. Bank transfers and cheques will also be accepted if that is your preferred method of payment. See booking forms for details

French Alps


You will be based close to Briancon in the Southern Alps which is surrounded by some of the finest whitewater runs in Europe and boasts over 300 days of sunshine a year. Your accommodation will be a very spacious self-catering chalet a few miles from Briancon in the village of Le Monetier Les Bains which has shops, bars, and restaurants.

On our Classics grade 3/4 trips our experienced and friendly coaches will guide and develop your skills over the week down classic sections of the Durance, Guisane, Ubaye, Onde, Guisane, and the Guil with options of other classics in the area. You can expect grade 3 to 4+, Lots of rivers with excellent guiding and coaching, warm sunshine and reliable whitewater.

Our Classics Improver course is a excellent introduction to the Alps and for those wanting to explore the region with lots of coaching thrown in to improve your confidence skill set to get you looking like a pro on upto class 3 water.

Previous experience: You should be happy on grade 3/4 for the French Alps Classic course, and happy on grade 2/3 for the improver course. 

French Alps Classics for grade 3/4 paddlers. 

Dates 29th June – 6th July 2024

Trip costs include excellent self-catering accommodation. and expert guiding and coaching.

Cost: £695 pounds.   

French Alps improvers for grade 2/3 paddlers


29th June- 6th July 2024

Cost £695.

Includes Excellent self-catering accommodation and expert coaching and guiding. 


Austria & Germany


You will be based in a self-catering chalet in or near Landeck which has become very popular among British paddlers and is surrounded with some of the best White Water Austria has to offer all within easy reach. You have the famous Inn River in Austria with its big volume runs which are fun, fun, fun. with excellent sections of reliable whitewater for all abilities; you also have other classics in the area such as the Oetz, and Sanna. There will also be the chance to go to Germany and visit the Loisach, Rissbach and Isar which have a more low volume British feel about them.

Our experienced and friendly coaches will guide and develop your skills over the week down classic sections of the rivers mentioned and ensure you get the best out of your paddling. You can expect grade 3 to 4, warm sunshine and reliable whitewater. Previous experience: You should be happy on grade 3/4

Austria/Germany Northern Alps whitewater.

Dates:   10th – 17th August

Trip costs include excellent self-catering accommodation. and all expert guiding and coaching.

Cost: 750 pounds.  


Ecuador, Amazon 2 week white water tour.

Ecuador sits directly on the Equator and is the closest point from the Earth to the Sun therefore has a similar weather pattern all year round averaging 25 -32degrees along with the same daylight hours all year round. It has the breath-taking mountain range of the Central Andes running down the country with volcanic peaks over 6000m with all the rivers draining from its upper slopes, into the deep jungles of the Amazona’s. With its deep Jungles, snow-capped volcanic peaks, abundant wildlife and Eco diversity along with its multiple river systems all packed into a small area its a trip of a lifetime.

Ecuador has 2 main areas for white water kayaking with the first being Tena which is at a lower elevation down in the Amazon basin jungle. Here it is hot hot hot! Average 25-32 degrees with 80 -100% humidity. It has a good mix of multiple rivers with some being technical low volume bolder runs to pool drop and bigger volume deep jungle runs. Rivers in this area are the Jondachi (multiple sections), Misahualli (multiple sections), Jatunyacu, Piatua, and Hollin with options of other rivers in the area as well.

   The second area is the Quijos and at an higher elevation being more in the mountains, therefore a little cooler at about 20-26 degrees with less humidity. The Quijos river has 7 different sections and has a more continual Alpine river style feel with some set pieces thrown in. You also have the Cosanga (2 sections) and Oyacachi and again with options of other rivers in this area.

You will get 10 full days of boating with 2 days off in-between, We will start in the Tena region then move over to the Quijos area for our last few days. Be rest assured there is plenty of rivers to go at and you will be on a different river or section every day.

Pre reqs you should be happy on grade 3/4 a roll would be a advantage but not essential


23rd Nov to 7th December 2024

26th January – 8th February 2025

Cost: £1495

Which includes excellent self-catering accommodation, Airport shuttle, River shuttles  & all guiding and coaching.

Excludes food, boat hire, flight and Personal insurance.

Italy, Valsesia Whitewater


Valsesia is a group of valleys in the North East of Piedmont in the province of Vercelli, Italy. The principal valley is that of the river Sesia with Monta Rosa 4638m (the second tallest peak in the Alps) at the head of the valley feeding early season meltwater into the Sesia below.  It is a very popular destination with many European paddlers visiting its classic whitewater runs due to its unique granite slides, numerous perfect boofing drops, and continuous technical rapids. You will wine and dine in the unique culture of the region which will attract you back for many years.

The Rivers!    All the rivers are within a 30-mile radius within the Valsesia valley giving the paddler lots of choices and minimum traveling time. You have the Sesia itself with lots of sections ranging from class 3 to 5 which is why paddlers are attracted to the region The Sesia is a delight to run and has something to offer everybody from fast typical Alpine water in its upper sections to technical drops and more continuous sections in the middle and bigger volume bouncy wave trains lower down. There are also some excellent steeper creeks in the area like the Egua a fantastic steep pool drop creek with long slides and many drops a must for any boofing god. Along with this, there is also the Sermenza and Mastallone with their tight technical canyons and of course the famous Sorba Slides that should not be missed.

You should be happy on up to class 4 water with a good reliable WW roll.


11th -18th May 2024

25th May – 1st June 2024 (bank holiday week) FULL 

1st – 8th July 2024

Cost £695 includes 6 full days boating, excellent self-catering accommodation and expert coaching and guiding.



Corsica White Water Adventure.

Corsica is a must kayak destination for any intermediate/advanced paddlers wanting to test their skills on this beautiful island situated between France and Italy. With its deep gorges, granite bedrock slides, shoots, and drops & bolder rapids it boasts some of the best low volume Creeking in the world.  You will be based in Self-catering accommodation fairly central in Corsica which will give you minimum travel to all the classics that Corsica has to offer.

See the video here

Our very experienced and friendly coaches will guide and develop your skills over the week down Classic sections like the Golo, Travignano, Travo & Fium Orbo with the option of other excellent runs as well you can expect some of the best grade 3 to 4+ creeking in the world

Previous experience;    should be happy on grade 3/4 with a good WW roll

Dates TBA

Cost £695.  Which includes excellent self catering accommodation, & all guiding and Coaching .   

Excludes travel, food and personal insurance.

Scotland WW Classics & Creeks & Progressive course


Venue & Rivers: You will be based in Fort William in a excellent comfortable self-catering house which is a popular base for paddling Scotland’s whitewater Classics and all the rivers are within easy reach, The nature of Scotland’s rivers are mostly pool drop and technical and there is plenty of steep creeking to be had, you have such delights as the Spean Gorge, Roy, Etive, and Orchy, Roy all classics in their own right and there are plenty of other good rivers in the area to be sampled as well. You will get plenty of perfect Boofing drops, slides, waterfalls and go runs is the beautiful Scottish highlands

The Progressive course Over the 5 days we will run the course to suit your individual needs where we will focus on the technical, tactical and physiological side of your paddling and give you the tools for success along with running some classic Scottish rivers and creeks. You should be already happy on grade 3 with experience of grade 4.

14th -18th October

Cost £650 with self catering accommodation 

Exclude Kit, food and drink and personal medical insurance.

Pyrenees white water Kayak 

Based in the Sunny Pyrenees in the town of Sort you will be right next to the largest river coming out of Andorra. The Rio Noguera Pallaresa with over 52km of fantastic grade 2/3 water all guaranteed due to daily dam releases. This is a more relaxed trip as the river releases 3 hours a day so you can choose just one section of river and have the rest of the day off to explore or follow the water and paddle 2 sections for a full day. The week will be based on its numerous sections where we will develop your skills using modern and dynamic technical and tactical skills to get you moving around the river and in control like a pro including building your confidence and self belief for your physiological game.

Pre Reqs. You should be happy on upto grade 3 like the Dart loop, lower Tryweryn, River Garry etc


24th August – 31st Aug 2024

Cost: £695 with self catering accommodation

Includes 5 full days coaching and guiding (Mon-Fri) and 6 nights Self-catering accommodation (Sun night to following Saturday morning) 

Exclude Travel, Food and drink and Personal medical insurance.